With one week left to go until SaaStr Scale 2021 on December 15th, we’re looking at an incredible speaker line-up this year. Team SaaStr wants to make sure you know about all the great content that’s on tap so here are a few sales-centric sessions to add to your list.

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Sales at Warp Speed 🚀

SaaStr Scale is dedicated to bringing you the playbooks for scaling to $100M and beyond. We’ve got you covered with content on scaling, marketing, product-led growth, and especially the focus of this post, Sales.

The Top 5 Ways to Scale a Sales Team from the Team Who Had to Do It at Warp Speed with Zoom’s CRO Ryan Azus and Bryan Elsesser, VP of Sales @ SaaStr

ryan azus zoom

Imagine a global event of epic proportions, and suddenly, almost overnight, the entire world needs your solution to continue working and learning. How can you possibly scale your sales team to keep up with demand? It happened at Zoom, and it required some ingenuity, some late nights, and maximizing every single channel, partner, and team member at the teams’ disposal to meet customer needs. Join Zoom Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Azus and SaaStr’s own VP of Sales, Bryan Elsesser to hear best practices for scaling your own sales organization, whether you’re new to the market or an established player looking to transform.

Sales and Marketing Cohesion 🤝

Using Sales and Marketing Data to Drive Marketing Personalization at Scale with Freshworks’ CMO Stacey Epstein

We’re all tired of those irrelevant marketing emails, text messages & linkedin messages. Don’t we sometimes wish that the companies that market to us knew us a little better? Wouldn’t we respect brands a bit more if we received marketing messages from them that were more relevant? The reality is that companies and brands have all the information that they need to make this happen. There is a lot of intelligence buried in Sales and Customer Service data that many organizations fail to leverage. Join Stacey as she explores the idea of a unified customer record driving marketing journey relevance.

The Key to Turning Sales and Marketing Strategy into Successful Execution with Highspot’s VP of Revenue Strategy, Haley Katsman

Sales and marketing alignment, or lack thereof, has been covered ad nauseum. But what to do once sales and marketing are aligned on their strategy, specifically, how to drive the business outcomes you aim to achieve, still escapes many companies. Join Highspot’s Haley Katsman, VP of Revenue Strategy, to get real about the gap between your strategy and your team’s ability to execute it, and the specific steps you can take to close that gap and ensure your strategy succeeds.

Enterprise Sales 📶

10 Learnings Scaling from Consumer to SMB to Enterprise with Grammarly’s Head of Organizations Revenue Dorian Stone

Every high-growth organization inevitably reaches the point of pivoting its strategy and offerings to capture new audiences—a journey made more complex with the new demands emerging this past year. In this session, Dorian Stone will share lessons learned from Grammarly’s evolution from consumer to SMB to enterprise, address common assumptions and pitfalls in the process of scaling, and reveal must-know strategies to drive efficient growth this year and beyond.

Running the Enterprise Playbook: Land and Expand, and More with Envoy’s Head of Enterprise Sales Sarah Lash

Having learned from thousands of customers and prospects, Sarah Lash, Envoy’s head of enterprise sales, will talk about what it takes to guide and scale enterprise sales programs during an uncertain future. Successful strategies rely on the ability to land and expand, hire for growth, implement ABM and account planning, and pivot with agility.

Take a look at our whole agenda by heading over to SaaStr Scale and registering for the sessions you’d like to see live on December 15th.

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