Everyone has awoken to how important Content Marketing is in SaaS and almost anywhere in building an audience, awareness, and leads.  Content Marketing is one of the top 5 initiatives of almost any growth marketer or demand gen leader now.

But I hadn’t taken a fresh look at SaaStr’s own SEO performance until recently.

What did I learn?  SEO is not only still the #1 source of SaaStr readers, new AND old, but it’s still growing.  It’s still up 15% year-over-year, even without anyone working on SEO.  In Year 10 of SaaStr.  Now imagine if someone were owning it! (I know, I know).  But it’s a sign of how far you can go with SEO even with no intentional owner.

And SEO really scales.  We still get 585,000+ readers from SEO.  We don’t pay for it, we just have to provide a regular stream of valued content.

Still, it’s a black art.  I still meet with SEO experts and consultants that provide ideas that don’t work at our scale, are obvious, or are things we are already doing.  90% of SEO “experts” can’t do much for you, I don’t think.  Maybe 95%.

What almost always works is just producing a few pieces of extremely valuable high quality content a week.  Not outsourced content.  Stuff that really, really will help your target buyers and customers.

And then feed the engine.  We’re coming up on Year 10 for SaaStr.  And in Year 10, SEO is still #1.

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