Q:  Why did Elon Musk sell his homes?

I think a lot of successful tech entrepreneurs go through this phase. It’s probably some sort of mid-life crisis (or awakening) in a way, after you finally achieve “success” of some form.

You work so, so hard for so long. It’s not really about the money. But you make some. And so at first, you buy some things. A car. A house. Then, a second, bigger house.

But then you realize, a bigger house is just more work. A second home? Now you need a team to manage it all. And that rental you lived in for a while was actually easier. In fact, just living in that simple rental house was better. You were happier there.

And that fancy car … is hard to drive anywhere. And is loud. And actually, not that fun. And a Model 3 is better than any Ferrari or whatever.

And then you see that all that really matters is the experiences, and the journeys, and where you go, and what you do, and who you do it with.

And the rest is a tax on your time.

So you get rid of all of it. Or as much as you can.

And focus just on what really matters. Like getting to Mars.

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