It’s time to redefine “Unicorn”.  It’s not about a billion+ valuation, as crazy high as that seemed 5 years ago.

Now it’s about $1b in ARR.

The above chart is a rough attempt to estimate 2019 ARR from some of the top Cloud/SaaS public companies.  The estimates will all be off / wrong a bit, but they are all directionally correct.

What you see here is every leader is coming up on or has cruised past $1,000,000,000 in ARR.

Why? The Cloud is 1000x larger than 10 years ago.

How?  SMBs are all moving to Cloud apps.  And enterprise / CIO budgets have moved an additional 10% of their $1.5T+ budget to Cloud.  The leaders benefit here.

So?  It means you can do it.  Maybe not $1b in ARR.  But the odds you can get to $100m in ARR are far, far higher than ever before.

Go long.

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