We’ve been hoping to build out “SaaStr Pro” for quite some time, one of the top requests from the SaaStr community.

And we’re just about ready to finally launch the first version, and we’re looking for the first 100 companies to use it:

  • SaaStr Pro Organizes and Pushes Out SaaStr content to your team — Automatically.  No more need for you to Slack it to you team.   Or to try to structure the most important team-building parts of 3,000+ pieces of content.  Instead, we carefully push 52+ weeks of the most important content to help your team scale faster, with less stress and more success.  We do the work for you.
  • SaaStr Pro Automates getting your team to engage on core SaaStr content.  This is the #1 benefit.  We get the team to work on the important questions — together.  “How should we get more leads?”  “How do we drive up NPS”.  We’ll drive the collaboration here.  We’ll track and make sure the discussions happen, get feedback and best ideas, and get the team to have these critical conversations.  And you’ll get a weekly dashboard and report back.
  • Plus hear from the top SaaS CEOs and more.  Exclusive video training from 100 of the top CEOs and VPs of Sales, Marketing, etc. in SaaS.  That you don’t get anywhere else.  Inspire your team!

It will be free for small teams and super cheap for slightly bigger teams.

Sign up here via ProductHunt to get early access when we launch in just a few weeks (hopefully!).

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