A few ideas:

  • Invite them to something useful. Invite them to a webinar. To an upcoming event you are doing. To a dinner for top prospects. They might be interested in this, even if for the moment, they no longer seem to want to buy today. This keeps them in the pipeline, even if it doesn’t them down a stage. That’s still important.
  • Tell them about an upcoming release, new features, etc. — that matter to them — and ask if they’d like an update about it. A version of the prior point. You are adding value here, done right.
  • Don’t “break up”. This almost never works and generally backfires. Don’t tell them you are going away. This says the prospect is not worth your time. That is almost never the right message.
  • No threats. Don’t threaten to pull a deal or a special discount. You probably already told them 2, 3, 20 times the discount is going to expire at the end of the month. They heard you. Discounts and expiring promotions are an important part of the toolkit. But they aren’t always enough, or even the most important factor.
  • Ask if they want to talk to your CEO “to get her thoughts” (if she has time). You’d be surprised how often prospects enjoy this.
  • Send them some schwag — a branded T-shirt, socks, whatever. Why not? Folks like this stuff. At least, they remember.

Go long.

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