Yes, it sounds early, but we are deep into planning for 2020 SaaStrAnnual.

We’re running at 150%+ of last year for attendance already, so it will be quite something.

The #1 change we are making is more that doubling the size of the sponsor expo and turning it into the hub of the event and “SaaStropolis”.

the City Center will be the hub of 2020 Annual

We’re adding:

  • a 24×7 (well, OK, as open as they let us) Cantina right in the middle of the City Center of SaaStropolis to drive even more traffic, with chips, salsa, snacks, churros, drinks, etc all day;
  • a Sponsors We Love Stage where Unicorn, Diamond and Platinum sponsors can share 10 minute sessions about their products; and
  • We’re moving the Q+A stage inside SaaStropolis to have even more fun all day with sponsors.

The prime section is “City Center” and as you can see above, that’s where you want to be. We’ve also added a handful of SuperGolds for sponsors that wanted a bit more space. They are in the prime location, right around The Cantina.

It’s first come, first serve, so renew if you haven’t yet, or sponsor now!

Also, we’ve added a new downstairs Annex to support our growth. If time runs out and you can’t fit into SaaStropolois, we’ll have a secondary expo on the ground floor that can fit the folks that sign up late. It will be good too. But if you can, don’t be there 😉

This year, we’ll be able to fit late sponsors downstairs in the overflow hub

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