I loved this session below with Eric Yuan about starting Zoom at 41.

41 doesn’t seem that old to me (and isn’t 75 for sure), but his real point was that 41 was different from when he was 24 — he’d done that before at WebEx and previously.

Starting at 41 allowed him to both be a solo founder, as he’d seen the playbook already. AND it allowed him to recruit a deep and strong team from Day 1. He brought 30+ of the best engineers with him from WebEx, and also brought in a top-tier COO very early.

You can absolutely build something incredible at 75. Realistically, you need to be able to build a bigger, better team to support you. As Eric points out, it’s harder to do it all yourself as time goes on.

But hopefully by then, you have a deep network to pull from. More resources. And the experience to know how to deploy both.

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