Still processing all the learnings from 2019 SaaStr Annual?  I know I still am.  We’ll write more soon.

But one thing was clear — the 2019 Annual was both the best Annual ever, and the start of a new chapter for SaaStr Annuals 6-10, i.e. 2020-2024+.  An even more inclusive, more open, more mentorship-focused Annual.  We’ll build on everything great in 2019 for years to come.

And if you want to keep the party coming, come to our highest NPS event ever — SaaStr Europa in Paris June 12-13.  I’m not sure why, but tickets are still insanely cheap in February — as low at $199 for a 2-day event, which is too cheap.  Especially when you convert to Euros, that’s almost free!

It’s a more informal, less structured event, that will be capped at 2,500 participants.  Big enough to truly have scale, but small enough where you have a chance to meet more people you want to meet, and make more direct connections.  We’ll also bring 100s of mentorship sessions and Braindates, and our Money Day / VC Day talks from Annual to Paris.

This year we’ve moved from the Opera District (which was cool) to the top location on the Left Bank (even cooler);

So get tickets now before prices go up 100%!

See you in Paris next!

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