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It was a bit crazy.  The sessions were a bit overloaded.  Not everything went according to plan.

But I think the SaaStr Annual 2017 was something special.

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Of the 10,000 in attendance, 2,000 (!) of you flew from almost 50 countries to get here.  To learn to scale — together.

  • We had the best speakers — with the most honest discussions.  The CEOs and founders and CXOs of Zendesk, Twilio, Stripe, Box, Domo, Zoom, Evernote, Trello, New Relic, Asana, Salesforce, Intercom, Talkdesk, Veeva, Pagerduty, Zetta, Xero, Krux, InsideSales, AppDynamics, Apttus, AngelList, Gusto, Salesloft, ServiceMax, Zuora, Pluralsight, NetSuite, Campaign Monitor, Marketo, FinancialForce, Namely, and so many other iconic SaaS leaders.
  • We had the best VCs from Emergence, Lightspeed, Bessemer, Sequoia, Social Capital, Redpoint, Bain Capital, Sapphire, Upfront, DFJ, CRV, Point9, Canaan, Homebrew, Initialized, Scale, Foundation, Arena, Salesforce Ventures, Index, Greylock, Sierra Ventures, Mayfield, Shasta, Matrix, Felicis, Openview, IVP, DCM, and 50+ other top firms.
  • And most importantly, we had the best founders and execs.  And you brought your teams.  It’s the connections that matter.  Not really, the rest.

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Not everything went perfectly.  The lines on opening day were too long — sorry.  Some of the sessions were overcrowded.  (We did pattern matching from 2016, but the root cause was that a far higher % of attendees went to the sessions this year than last year).

But overall, some bumps aside, we finally achieved the first phase of our goal for the Annual.  To be the best global gathering of B2B/SaaS founders, execs, and VCs on the planet.

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Next year will be even better.  We’ll have even more Deep Dive/Tactical/Hyper-Tactical content.  We will 5x the size of Lunch with a VC (that was 10x more popular than we expected).  We’ll have even more SMB content, and even more content in the $1m-$10m ARR range.  And perhaps more importantly, we’ll have even more content focused on each of our VPs — CS, Product, Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

We’re resting up.   But expect 2018 to be better than ever.


And if you want insane ultra-early prices on team packs for the 2018 Annual, get them here now.

And for some other perspectives, here are some great summaries:

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