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I know we’ve just gotten the 2017 Annual behind us, but we wanted to give a special shout-out to the 10 sponsors that have already signed up / renewed for 2018.  (We’re still learning what a “good” renewal rate is for sponsors, but our hope is to renew 80% of our sponsors for 100% of the net revenue of last year.  More later on why we came to 80/100 as our goals).

If you want to join them, and pick your location first, and get other early-bird access benefits — email us at sponsors at saastr inc dot com and/or grab the early-bird prospectus here.

Interestingly, while our sponsors provided us the most visceral and critical comments of our 3 segments of stakeholders — speakers, sponsors, and attendees — feedback volume was not correlated with NPS.  Our sponsor NPS was 53.  (We’ll do a separate post on NPS learnings from the Annual soon).

With that — big thanks to:

Algolia.  Algolia is fast becoming a part of many leading SaaS companies’ tech stacks, powering their search up to 100x faster than the open source competition.  Algolia has been a great partner of the Annual and now also sponsors our industry-leading podcast as well.

 Fusebill.  Fusebill Fusebill is a flexible and fully automated subscription billing and management platform for rapid growth companies like Business Insider, Uberflip and more.

imgres-1Klipfolio.  Over 7,000 companies used Klipfolio’s dashboards to monitor the health of their business.  Know the status of every department with Klipfolio.



LinkedIn.  It’s great to have LinkedIn as a first-time sponsor!

imgres-3Pendo.  It was tough to miss Pendo’s innovative branding at the Annual!  We were proud to be pink!   Pendo extends your product to capture all your user behavior,  gather feedback, and provide contextual help.

imgres-4RainforestQA.  RainforestQA has become the fast-growing platform to completely automate your functional software QA — “QA at the Speed of Development”.   With customers from Crunchbase and other top start-ups to Oracle and Adobe and Intuit, RainforestQA gets it done with a novel AI platform powering 50,000+ QA testers.

imgres-5SaaSOptics.  SaaSOptics makes managing subscriptions simple for over 275 customers, from Greenhouse to Schoology.

imagesSellsy.  Sellsy is an innovative platform to manage your sales, from capturing leads to email automation.  Sellsy provides the “whole package” of SaaS solutions to over 200 customers worldwide.

imgres-6Teamable.  We’re super-excited to have Teamable back for 2018.  Teamable is the first recruiting solution that truly automates leveraging your team‘s network to help you recruit talent.  With dozens of leading tech cos as customers, from Stripe to Lyft to Medallia, Teamable is an emerging star in the recruiting and HR space.

imgres-7UserIQ.  UserIQ is a Customer Growth Platform that helps you know exactly how your users engage with your application — and what the best way is to interact with them.

imgres-8Zoom.  Zoom rocketed past $100m ARR with some of the highest NPS the industry has ever seen.  Zoom is sponsoring the CSS effective at our next event.  Thanks, Zoom!  CEO Eric Yuan’s session at ’17 Annual was one of our most highly rated sessions.

These folks help us keep the lights on — we’re extra grateful!   And if you want to join them, let us know.

We’ll see you in February 2018!

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