So this survey and data won’t surprise very many, but I wanted to do it anyway to get the latest data back from the SaaStr community.  The learning: your SDRs average tenure is about 14 months, and perhaps most importantly, 52% of you don’t see your SDRs last even 12 months.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  SDR is an entry-level role in most sales orgs, and many SDRs want to be promoted within 12-16 months, often even faster, or look to move on to where they can get an AE role.

Perhaps the biggest reminder is to make sure you have a clear progression path and rules for your SDRs, and make sure by month 6, they have a good sense of how they are tracking to an AE promotion, if that’s what they want.  Or they’ll … move on.

Yes, there are a handful of SDRs that just want to stay SDRs.  But even there, you have to identify them early, and carve out a unique growth path for them.

Either one to higher OTEs — which is easy to justify once they get really, really good at bringing in real deals.  Or one to SDR leadership, sometimes.

A deep dive on how Snowflake manages SDRs at scale here:

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