The other day Nick Mehta CEO of Gainsight invited me to talk about the latest trends in Customer Success.  The full session is below.  A few points we dove in on:

  1. Should your VP of CS be most focused on NRR or Churn?  The real answer is often — whatever they are best at.
  2. We now know at scale, the #1 best thing you can do to drive NRR up is add a second (or third) great product.  From Box to Datadog, NRR is highest when your larger customers love you so much, they buy 2+ products from you.
  3. Every SaaS startup now has 2-10 public SaaS companies that are somewhat similar in customer make-up and product.  Aim for churn at least as low as they have.  Are you like HubSpot or Shopify?  Aim for at least 100% NRR.  Like Twilio or Gitlab?  Aim for 140%.  Etc. etc.  If you aren’t there yet, that’s job #1 in customer success.

Much more below:

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