The Cutting Edge in Customer Success: 7 Learnings With Nick Mehta and Jason Lemkin

The other day Nick Mehta CEO of Gainsight invited me to talk about the latest trends in Customer Success.  The full session is below.  A few points we dove in on:

  1. Should your VP of CS be most focused on NRR or Churn?  The real answer is often — whatever they are best at.
  2. We now know at scale, the #1 best thing you can do to drive NRR up is add a second (or third) great product.  From Box to Datadog, NRR is highest when your larger customers love you so much, they buy 2+ products from you.
  3. Every SaaS startup now has 2-10 public SaaS companies that are somewhat similar in customer make-up and product.  Aim for churn at least as low as they have.  Are you like HubSpot or Shopify?  Aim for at least 100% NRR.  Like Twilio or Gitlab?  Aim for 140%.  Etc. etc.  If you aren’t there yet, that’s job #1 in customer success.

Much more below:

Published on September 21, 2021

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