We have 745 founders, CEOs and SaaS execs already coming to SaaStrScale.com in SF on Aug 29.

We’ll have a dozen+ playbook sessions from the CROs, CMOs and CCOs of Flexport, Gusto, Brex, Talkdesk, Intacct, PatientPop, and other SaaS leaders.

But beyond the sessions, we’ll have 50+ mentoring sessions and braindates, from 1-on-1s to 1-on-8s and more on top topics you care about:

We’ve got 10+ great VPs of Demand Gen doing sessions on how to get more leads.  10+ customer success leaders on how to do customer success right.  CTOs teaching you how to scale without breaking.  And much, much more.

These mentoring sessions and Braindates are first come, first serve.  So grab your ticket to SaaStrScale.com soon if you haven’t!!

That’s the point of this event.  To help you get the connections, the mentoring, and the playbooks to scale faster.  With less stress.  And more success!

See you Aug 29 in SF!



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