These have been the craziest of times, both in general and certainly for IRL events.  The SaaStr Annual 2020 being re-scheduled for us to Q3 was certainly something never in our expected range of issues to deal with!

We appreciate all the incredible support from the SaaStr community and partners since then, as we’ve dug out from the rubble of issues from Annual and beyond.

The one upside is we now have a much clearer and better, digital strategy along with our IRL events strategy.

So, while it’s way too early to know where all this change leads us, here’s the updated SaaStr events schedule into Q1 ‘21:

What we know for sure is that the FREE on April 22 with the CEO and CXOs of Slack, Twilio, Zuora, Cloudflare, G2, Tripactions and so much more is going to be incredible.  They will all share their stories and learnings on how they are Bridging the Gap.  We already have 8,500+ registered with a cap of 10,000 — so sign up here soon.

After that, we have an incredible event to hear from and network with the Top VCs in Cloud in “The New New in Venture”.  More coming, but SaaStr Annual ticket holders get first crack at registration, and then we’ll open it up to everyone else in mid-May.

In September, we have SaaStr BiAnnual which will reproduce as much of SaaStr Annual in a primarily digital format as possible — and we will do even more.  Details coming, but with room for 20,000+, we will be doing some innovative things.  If the world allows us, it will be a hybrid event with an IRL component in San Francisco (we have a venue).  But right now, it is not clear a physical component will be practical in September.

From there, we’ll be deep into SaaStr Annual 2021.  A few thoughts here:  we do have dates for now, Feb 2-4 in the SF Bay Area again.  We are assuming we are a go.  But the world continues to change rapidly.  Save the dates.  But don’t book flights or hotels yet.  We aren’t remotely past the flattened curve yet.

(SaaStr Europa 2020 is currently TBD.  We hope to do a SaaStr Europa this year but it looks challenging at the moment.  Re: SaaStr East, we will have to see what the Fall brings.)

Note all Annual ticket holders will be issued VIP passes to (1) New New in Venture, (2) SaaStr BiAnnual, and (3) 2021 Annual.  You don’t have to do anything — they will be automatically issued to you in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience and support.

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