Welcome to Episode 30! I am delighted to welcome my first ever Harry to the show today in the form of Harry Glaser, Co-Founder & CEO Periscope Data, the worlds fast analysis suite providing data analysts with the tools they need to improve their analysis by over 150X,  and an astonishing fact here–they have doubled their revenue every 3 months ever since launch. Periscope’s investors include Ellen Pao, Matt Ocko @ Data Collective, Chad Byers @ Susa Ventures, Wes Chan @ Felicis, Benjamin Ling at Khosla and many more. Also in the show today, we mention Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross’s new book From Impossible to Inevitable: How Hypergrowth Companies Create Predictable Revenue and if you have not read that, that is a must and can be found here!Harry_Glaser

In today’s episode with Harry we discuss:
How Harry came to be the founder of Periscope Data and what the a-ha moment was for him.
How did Harry look to establish a pricing model with Periscope Data as a first time SaaS founder?
What are Harry’s learnings of hiring and building out the initial sales team?
How did Harry build out the institutional training program to allow non-technical people to sell a very technical product?
What are the inherent pros of having an inbound-heavy model and what are the fundamental problems?
Why are companies suddenly seeing the need for data analysts and what are the opportunities that data analysts present?

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