Welcome to Episode 31! Blake Bartlett is a Partner at OpenView Venture Partners where he helps identify value and lead investments in product-led businesses driving market dislocation. Prior to joining OpenView, he was a Vice President at Battery Ventures, where he focused on growth-stage software and Internet businesses. Blake joined Battery in 2009 and helped lead 10 investments including the likes of Wayfair, Optimizely, Sprinklr, and Glassdoor.

In today’s show we discuss:Blake_Bartlett
Why Blake decided to invest in SaaS over other sectors?
Whether the rise of the bottoms up SaaS sales model means customer fickleness for SaaS products will increase?
Does product-led growth contradict traditional SaaS sales beliefs? How can they work in unison?
Is product market fit and customer value a binary result? Are there varying degrees of customer value? How important is time to customer value?
How can startups look to pull product-led growth off? What were Blake’s biggest takeaways from watching the likes of Optimizely and Expensify?

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