1. SaaStr Annual: SaaStr Annual is one of the largest SaaS conferences, attracting thousands of attendees, including entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. It provides insights into the latest trends, best practices, and networking opportunities in the SaaS space.
  2. SaaS North: SaaS North is Canada’s largest SaaS conference, featuring keynote speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities, aimed at promoting the growth and success of SaaS companies in North America.
  3. Dreamforce: Although Dreamforce, hosted by Salesforce, encompasses a broader scope than just SaaS, it remains a significant event for SaaS professionals. It brings together industry leaders, innovators, and customers to showcase the latest products and technologies.
  4. SaaStock: SaaStock is a global conference series dedicated to SaaS companies and entrepreneurs. It offers valuable insights, networking, and opportunities to learn from successful SaaS founders and investors.
  5. Microsoft Inspire: Microsoft Inspire is an annual event for Microsoft’s partner community, which includes SaaS companies building on the Microsoft ecosystem. It provides updates on Microsoft’s products and strategies and fosters collaboration among partners.
  6. Google Cloud Next: Google Cloud Next (now known as Google Cloud Next ’21) is an event organized by Google Cloud to showcase their latest advancements, product announcements, and customer success stories, impacting the SaaS industry.
  7. AWS re:Invent: AWS re:Invent is Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) annual conference, focused on cloud computing and SaaS-related services. The event brings together developers, architects, and IT professionals to explore the latest AWS developments.
  8. The SaaS Awards: The SaaS Awards is an annual awards program recognizing excellence and innovation in SaaS products and services across various categories.
  9. Pulse by Gainsight: Pulse is an event tailored for customer success professionals, including those in SaaS companies. It explores strategies for retaining and expanding customer relationships.
  10. HubSpot Inbound: While not exclusively focused on SaaS, HubSpot Inbound brings together marketers, sales professionals, and customer success teams to explore the latest inbound marketing and customer engagement trends, which are crucial for SaaS companies’ success.

The following individuals and groups would benefit from attending:

  1. SaaS Founders and CEOs: Those who run SaaS companies or are planning to start one can gain valuable insights, network with potential partners or investors, and learn from successful entrepreneurs.
  2. SaaS Executives: Senior leaders, such as COOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CROs, can learn about industry best practices, innovation, and management strategies.
  3. Sales and Marketing Professionals: Sales representatives, marketers, and growth hackers can learn about the latest trends and techniques to improve customer acquisition and retention.
  4. Customer Success Managers: Professionals focused on customer success, onboarding, and support can learn how to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn.
  5. Product Managers: Those responsible for developing and managing SaaS products can benefit from sessions about product development, user experience, and customer feedback.
  6. Investors and Venture Capitalists: The conference offers an opportunity for investors to discover promising SaaS startups and connect with founders seeking funding.
  7. Service Providers: Companies that offer services catering to SaaS businesses, such as legal, accounting, or marketing agencies, can network and showcase their expertise.
  8. Tech Enthusiasts and Students: Aspiring entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and students interested in the SaaS industry can find valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Here are some of the notable speakers who have participated in SaaStr Annual conferences and have made significant impacts in the SaaS community:

  1. Aaron Levie – Co-founder and CEO of Box
  2. Stewart Butterfield – Co-founder and CEO of Slack
  3. Jason Lemkin – Founder of SaaStr and former CEO of EchoSign (acquired by Adobe)
  4. Claire Hughes Johnson – COO of Stripe
  5. Byron Deeter – Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners
  6. David Skok – General Partner at Matrix Partners
  7. Des Traynor – Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom
  8. Jennifer Tejada – Former CEO of PagerDuty
  9. Dharmesh Shah – Co-founder and CTO of HubSpot

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