Working harder than you want to?  A bit frustrated about having to get it all into that release, or hit that plan?  I get it.  It happens to all of us.  But just one thing.  If you’re been pushed to work harder, understand if the Why.  Is it to do great things?  And is it because your boss … truly believes in you?

The reality is, you will be lucky to have 2 bosses that truly care about you in your career. For real. Many of us have just 1.

Now, the ones that care, it’s not always easy. Not at all.

They will have your back … and they’ll always stand by you. But … but …

  • They’ll push you. Especially when you’re not quite going as hard as you could.
  • And they won’t thank you for just doing your job. Because they’ll see that as tablestakes.
  • And they’ll even take you partially for granted. Because they know you’ll always show up.

But those bosses that truly care, if you stick with them one way or another, they’ll be in your corner forever.

Need a job, an intro, a reference, a whatever. Usually, they’re there forever.

If you have one of those, at least recognize it’s rare. And that with that, comes being pushed a bit out of your comfort zone, from time to time.

The bosses that don’t care, they may seem easier to work for and with.  And they often are, because they don’t expect excellence from you.  But they take you and your career … nowhere.

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