We forget about the OS in the Cloud, but we all need to still deal with things like Windows 7 IRL:

One perspective on the Top 25 VCs in SaaS now:

Pretty Funny.  Clippy was AI before AI:

China is a whole different world for SaaS.  Alibaba is their AWS (or becoming it):

The Cloud is better.  It is even cheaper.  That doesn’t mean it is cheap, though.

Shopify and MailChimp Go To War.  This is a Big Deal.  Prediction:  Mailchimp Blinks (More to Lose).  But We’ll See.

Zoom is Growing at A Rate, And With Metrics, As We’ve Rarely Seen Before

There are 500+ Massive Cloud Data Centers Now.  That’s Really Big Money.  And It Drove This $6.9 Billion Acquisition.

The Open Source Wars Continue To Heat Up

Fun Story of How Shopify’s Lawyer Grew Into Its COO:

Unicorns in SaaS Are Hardly Limited to the SF Bay Area.  Another Grows in France:

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