We now have 347,400 readers and subscribers to The Cloud Daily! from SaaStr.  What were the most read articles and pieces of the week?  Let’s take a look!

#1. Microsoft CEO Warns Against Permanent Work from Home

What will the office be like when we go back?  Shopify, Twitter, and Square have announced folks never have to go back to the office.  Salesforce and Facebook have taken a more measured approach.  And here, Microsoft warns about going too far, too quickly.

#2.  Oracle Squares Up to AWS with Cloud Cost Calculator

Who would have thought Oracle would be driving to be #3 in the Cloud?  Seems unlikely, but with Zoom moving to Oracle, you never know.

#3:  Hackers who stole files from a law firm to stars like Lady Gaga and Drake doubled their ransom to $42 million and threatened to release ‘dirty laundry’ on Trump.

Ransomware and cyberhacking are becoming much, much bigger deals.

#4:  The Era of the SaaS Decacorn is Here.

This was close to the most popular SaaStr.com post of the year.  We take a look at why and how we have 20+ SaaS decacorns right now … even as our economy overall is deeply challenged.

#5.  Salesforce’s coronavirus office reopening plan: separated, masked workers and more cleaning

Yes, Salesforce is reopening its offices.  But they will be very different than before.  And they don’t sound all that fun.

#6: Telegram abandons $1.7 billion crypto project

It turns out ICOs really were too good to be true.  They were, in many cases, illegal.

#7: Work-from-home productivity pickup has tech CEOs predicting many employees will never come back to the office

The CEOs of Okta, Box, and more are bullish on their own teams’ work-from-home productivity.  But is it real?  We will see.

#8: Early Shopify Investor Bessemer Turned A $5 Million Bet Into $500 Million. It Could Have Been $22 Billion Today.

A very interesting look into how “distributions” work in venture capital, i.e. when VCs share their gains with their own investors.  Bessemer did this early at Shopify, and still made 100x.  But it could have made so, so much more if it had hung on to its shares longer.  Byron Deeter and I also discussed this at the SaaStr Holiday Party a ways back; it was really good:

#9: Samsara lays off 18% of workforce

Samsara has to scramble to raise $400m in a downround and layoff 18%.  Not all SaaS industries are benefiting.

#10:  ‘This happened very fast’: How Giphy’s founders fast-tracked the Facebook deal

A $400m sale to Facebook sounds amazing.  But what if the price is less than the price of the last round, and you’ve raised $150m+?  Then it’s not quite so amazing.






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