What have the 320,000+ readers of Cloud Daily on Quora been reading this week?

A lot about Zoom 🙂

Here are the top stories of the week if you want to catch up:

#10: Cisco says Webex video-calling service is seeing record usage too, even as competitor Zoom draws all the attention
#11: Akamai Stock Is Up Amid COVID-19 Crash as Web Traffic Soars | The Motley Fool
#12: Why Square’s Stock Is Sinking Twice As Fast As The Market
#13: Box’s Aaron Levie says it will take creativity and focus to get through this crisis – TechCrunch
#14: Workday will PaaS up the opportunity to open its platform to third parties
#15: Across furtive videocons, junior VCs wait for the layoffs to begin – TechCrunch

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