We are up to almost 16o Official SaaStr podcasts and there is a small chance you may have missed one or two 🙂

The Top 10 Most Downloaded of 2017 do sort of map to well known brands, although not entirely.  But they are a great entry point if you haven’t gotten through many of the podcasts or any of them.

The good news is 6 of the top 10 will be speaking at The SaaStr Annual this year!  Harry has simply done a tremendous job building the #1 podcast in the industry — by far.

Who were the top 10?  Let’s take a look!

As an important note, all the Top 10 were men, and of those, perhaps zero were from underrepresented backgrounds (I don’t know / not sure).  This certainly jumped out to me as I put together this post.  We’re proud to have had 60% women and multicultural speakers at the SaaStr Annual this year … but we have much more work on the podcast to achieve our inclusion goals there as well.  We didn’t set any inclusion goals for the podcast.  If you don’t set any goals, you don’t achieve them.  Look for a lot of improvement here in 2018.


#1.   Aaron Levie of Box:  The 3 Stages to Company Scaling in the Enterprise.

Aaron was kind enough to join us for Podcast #100 to mark that milestone.  Hopefully, he will come back for #1000 as well.  Listen here:

2.  David Skok at Matrix Partners:  Which SaaS Metrics Really Matter

David has been writing about scaling SaaS as long or longer than everyone.  He’ll be back at the 2018 SaaStr Annual live again!  Listen here.

3.  David Kellogg, CEO of Host Analytics:  Why CAC/LTV is The Most Important Metric.

David is one of my very favorite bloggers/writers in SaaS.  Everything he writes is great, and he’s done it all from SVP at Salesforce to CEO of Host Analytics.  He’ll be at the Annual this year and listen to his incredibly thoughtful insights here

4. Brad Feld of Foundry Group.


5.  Paul Albright.


6. Scott Chisholm, CEO of Classy.


7.  Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello.


8.  Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics.


9.  Ryan Peterson, CEO of Flexport.


10.  Eoghan McCabe, CEO of Intercom.



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