What SaaStr videos were folks most watching this week?  Take a look at the best SaaStr sessions (that weren’t also a top session from last week).  They are excellent.  A free education from the best right at home:

#1. “From Burn-Out to $100M in ARR with Jason Cohen of WP Engine”.  This SaaStr classic shares how Jason, a repeat founder, got to $100m ARR.  And found a CEO to take the lead from the next stage.

#2. “Fundraising During a Pandemic with Point Nine Capital Managing Partner Christoph Janz”.  This was our highest-rated session from the New New in Venture event, probably because Christoph gives super actionable advice on what SaaS VCs are really looking for right now.

#3: “Powering 30%+ of the Web: Lessons Learned from Automattic and WordPress”.  Matt Mullenweg came to SaaStr to reflect on what it really means to build a platform for other apps.

#4: “How Does COVID-19 Change The Future of Work? with Basis Set Ventures”.  Another great deep dive on seed investing today.

#5: “Anand Sanwal, CB Insights: Don’t Do These 68 Things in Your SaaS Company”.  One of the crowd favorites from Anand at CB Insights.

#6: “What a Great VP of Product Really Does | SaaStr”.  We put this classic session together a little while back to help explain to founders who haven’t hired one before what a great VP of Product really does, and why and when you need one.

#7: “Dustin Moskovitz, Asana: Fast Growth, Mindful Business“.  A classic on how to build an enduring business and culture that will last from Dustin Moskovitz, Co-founder and CEO of Asana, and co-founder of Facebook.

#8: “How to Design a Sales Comp Plan to Get You to $100M”.  Few things are more complicated in practice than getting a sales comp plan and sales incentives just right.  A deep dive on how to do it here.

#9:  “Jyoti Bansal and The AppDynamics Story: From Idea to $3.7B”.  Jyoti is one of my very favorite Cloud founders.  Amazing engineers that then become “scientists of sales” are a super powerful combination.  Learn how Jyoti embraced enterprise sales to a huge outcome here:

#10: “Our best and worst marketing experiments” Lucidchart Co-Founder and CEO Karl Sun.  This session was so compelling at SaaStr Europa that as word spread through the venue, folks streamed in 5 minutes in.

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