So we’re getting closer!!  SaaStr Annual 2023 is Sep 6-8 in the SF Bay Area!  Join 12,500+ of the Best in SaaS and Cloud!  And grab a final 20% off tickets here:

We’ll have 7 stages and over 300 sessions and super braindates and more, and it’s early.  But what’s trending right now?  Here are The Top 10 SaaStr Annual Sessions (by registration) — so Far:

#1. Our Secrets to Scaling and Growth in an Unpredictable Market with‘s Co-founder and Co-CEO. co-CEO Eran Zinman and Jason Lemkin do a deep dive on how Monday’s business model really works.  And how it really scaled to $700m+ ARR selling in large part to tiny SMBs.  Take a look at an earlier deep dive the Monday co-CEOs and founders did with SaaStr here:

#2.  David & Jason: SaaS in 2024 with Craft Ventures Founder David Sacks and Jason Lemkin

David Sacks and Jason take the stage together to do a deep dive on just where SaaS is right now.  Is it all about AI?  Are we done cutting?  Will a wave of IPOs in 2024 bail everyone out?  What about 1,000+ unicorns?  Take a look back at one of our top past SaaStr sessions with David here:

#3. From $5M to $100M: Founder Secrets to Scaling a Multi-Product Startup with Lattice’s CEO

Jack Altman, co-founder and CEO of Lattice shares the secrets to scaling doing multi-product.  Take a look back at our great Workshop Wednesday with Jack here on Things You Think as a First Time Founder … That Just Ain’t So:

#4. Who Will Win the Go-to-Market AI Race — Startups or Incumbents? with Stage 2 Capital’s Managing Director and Co-Founder Mark Roberge

Mark is an all-time favorite at SaaStr, take a look back at his last SaaStr session on Optimizing GTM for PLG here:

#5. Biggest Mistakes of My CMO Career with Databricks, Zoom, Okta, and HyperGrowth Advisors

A deep dive on what makes for a great CMO.

#6. The Power of Customer Success: Driving Growth Through Customer Happiness with Asana, PagerDuty, Miro, and Sapphire Ventures

CS has changed so much in the past 2 years.  A deep dive with the best of the best here on what has changed, and what playbook to run in 2023/ 2024.

#7. What The Top Founders Do Better to Scale Even Now with Y Combinator’s Managing Director

Michael Seibel is always one of the top draws at Annual, and he is again.  One of his top all-time SaaStr sessions here:

#8. How AI is Changing the Way We Work with OpenAI’s Head of Sales Aliisa Rosenthal

Few things are hottest than OpenAI and AI in general.  Head of Sales Aliisa Rosenthal was a top speaker before as VPS of Walkme, check out her great session here:

#9. The Power of Champions: Unlocking 10x SaaS Growth through Community Building with Harness’s CMO

Community is one of the top new additions to everyone’s growth toolkit.

#10. More Deals with Less Budget? How to Enable Your Sellers for Maximum Conversion Rates with Datadog’s CMO

Few have scaled faster, better and further than Datadog.  Come learn the secrets!!

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