I think you can use it to pounce.

I’ve gotten less lazy as I’ve gone from service provider -> startup exec -> startup founder -> whateveritisIdoatSaaStr.

It’s not all good. I can no longer pounce.

When I founded my first start-up, I took months to decide if it made sense. I talked to all the potential customers, in person. I recruited the initial team. I talked to the VCs. Then and only then — I knew it would work. And then … I pounced.

As time as gone on, I’ve done less up front work before pouncing. Some of this is based on experience. But some of this is because there is just too much going on, too much crowding out of my brain.

I make decisions in a few minutes now if unimportant, a few months max if important. Max.

You can’t stay lazy forever and be a great founder. But being a bit lazy until you are in Go Forever mode has strategic advantages. If you can make the switch.

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