About 18 months ago we launched SaaStrPro.com, our first structured learning platform for SaaS companies.

Now having helped train over 200 SaaS teams in how to sell better, market better, retain customers better, drive deal sizes up better, we’ve learned a lot.

What we’ve learned:  if you invest the time, it works.

SaaStrPro starts off with 52 once-a-week lessons for your team (we then have many more for after Year 1).  We bring your team together, in-person / in-Zoom, to talk about how to do better after a brief case study from top SaaS leaders and top SaaS lessons.

And then usually … the team does better.  It not only focuses them on how to solve blockers, but it brings them together to find improvements and even solutions.

Try it.  It works.

And if May was a bit soft?  Well, it’s something you can do right now.  Today.  This week.  To do even better.


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