So I’m trying to learn as much about AI as everyone else is.  Some areas really work.  Some are full of hallucinations.  And some, especially in the enterprise, seem about broken promises at the moment.  We’ll see.  I’m bullish but also just … watching and learning.

We ran one small experiment at SaaStr.  We ran our YouTube headlines through Jasper and our thumbnails through another service.

What did we see?

Kind of interesting.  We saw instant improvement from running the exact same YouTube content through AI for the description and thumbnails:

  • +113% more subscribers
  • +38% more watch time
  • +48% more views

Now that’s a big improvement, albeit in a niche use case, at least for SaaS folks and marketers.

Having said that, one thing that’s interesting is that while it was a clear benefit from AI, some of the change may also been a derivate effect.  Once the changes happened, we also leaned in and made sure we stayed on a streak.  We were even more thoughtful about timing and more in our posts.

So actually, we can’t 100% be sure the improvements were from the text and thumbnail changes alone.  The sheer fact that we saw such fast improvement incented us to invest more overall in the channel.  We can’t 100% be clear on what caused all the improvements.

But we do know AI kicked it all off.

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