Q: What are the pros and cons of using cartoon characters in SAAS product videos?

My data here is a little dated, but there is a body of data to suggest “cartoon characters” can make a new product especially appear approachable.

Not Bugs Bunny cartoons, but rather friendly, animated graphics.

I didn’t believe it myself.

So we build 5 new product landing pages back in the day, 2 with stock art, 1 with long text, 1 with a cartoon of a smiling person, and 1 with a cartoon of a robot.

The cartoons just crushed the others in terms of conversion.

I was wrong. Cartoons work.

Best performer:

Worst performer:

Later, when we got bigger, the best performers were simple quotes from brand name customers (Google, Facebook, Groupon, Time Warner, etc.). But before we had those — the cartoons came out #1. By far.

We have a little less data at SaaStr now, but our cartoon “explainer” videos perform the best here, as well.

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