What is Vc and why is it not for the faint hearted?

Why isn’t Venture Capital for the faint hearted?  It’s pretty simple.

The VC business model will, one way or another, put you under intense pressure to scale up 2-10x faster than you might otherwise have.

If you are already going for that … you won’t even sweat it.  You won’t even really notice, in fact.

If you secretly don’t want to at least do everything possible to go from $0 to $2m ARR in 12 months, from $1m to $10m in 5 quarters or less, from $1m to $100m in 7 years or less … even if u don’t accomplish this, if you aren’t willing to do everything in heaven and earth to at least try … then …

Probably, don’t take venture capital.

Even if you can hack it to make it work for you (you can act, you can pretend you are trying to build a unicorn) … the pressure may be intense months down the road as interests disalign.

[ ‘cuz as soon as it looks like you aren’t trying to do that, almost certainly, I am going to either lose money, or best case, probably not make enough to justify the risk in the investment. ]

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Published on September 13, 2015

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