Dear SaaStr: What key things should a SaaS startup focus on to grow from 100k-1M ARR?

The simplest way to go from $500k to $1m ARR is to treat every prospect like a king or queen.

Like they are the single most important prospect / customer in the world.

  • Even for a $49/mo deal, spend 10 hours with them if they need it. Tune the product. Provide 24×7 support.
  • I slept with my laptop next to my bed at this phase to be the “swing shift” support.
  • Go and meet any possible customer you can in person, especially if they are local.  Even if they pay $20 a month.
  • Ask every single customer what more you can do for them.  And go build that.

Treat each customer like they are paying you $100,000 a year.  They deserve that.  They’re taking risk on you.  A vendor no one has ever heard of.

Every customer at this stage is a gift.  A chance to learn.  A chance to grow with them.  A chance to find 10, 20, 100 more customers just like them.  With the same needs.  Treat them like royalty, and they’ll show you the way.

I did it.  It worked.

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