I think the question you first have to ask yourself is — are you good at sales?

Most of the folks I’ve worked with that are good at sales that have taken a break from it have ultimately ended back in sales. They tried General Manager positions, Customer Success positions, sometimes founder and CEO positions. But in the end, when you are best at sales, that’s often the highest compensation and highest reward for your time. Everything else is harder.

If you aren’t good at sales, that’s different. Customer success is a natural transition if the prospects like you, you just aren’t that good at close. The problem is in general, you’ll make less money. Folks can struggle with this. If you’re a manager, taking a role at ‘country manager’ or first person into a new geography or product line often is a niche-y but successful and interesting role.

But I’ve found most of the ones that are good at sales, end up coming back to sales.

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