It can be hard to tell from the outside if you just think of Salesforce as a basic “CRM”.

Why not use Pipedrive? It’s so much easier. Or Copper? It is so much better integrated with GSuite.

But that misses the point.

  • It is incredibly extensible. It can basically be tuned to do almost anything you want. If you visit 100 top Salesforce customers, you’ll see 100 radically different Salesforce orgs.
  • Everyone integrates with it. Salesforce does 100x more than any other semi-competitor, at least in CRM/SFA, because everyone works with and on it.
  • It is a true solution to big problems. One way or another, either as part of one or more of Salesforce’s 4 Clouds, and/or together with integration partners, Salesforce can solve big problems. Just as SAP is still a huge enterprise due to solving incredibly complex back-end problems, Salesforce solves your workforce and workflow problems. It might costs millions, or more, but it solves them. Big companies have big problems. And they will spend tens of millions to solve them.
  • It is trusted and everyone knows how to use it. Force your team to use a product they don’t know how to use, and a lot of friction and soft costs ensue.

Salesforce is expensive. Salesforce is old. Salesforce works. Salesforce is the dominant platform in many of its spaces.

Salesforce solves big problems.

Like his problems:

Smaller, slicker, newer apps do some things better. But generally, not this.

A bit more here: How to Build a $100 Billion SaaS Company | SaaStr

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