I thought it might be helpful and fun to share some of the demographic data of who’s coming to the 2020 SaaStrAnnual.com on March 10-11-12 in the SF Bay Area.

Right now we’re tracking to somewhere close to 15,000 attendees.  We don’t know exactly how many, other than that it will be more than last year’s ~12,000.

But who comes?  And how has that changed over the years?  One thing is the same:  SaaStr Annual is the largest global gathering of SaaS and Cloud founders in the world.  Yes, Reinvent and Dreamforce are bigger (for sure).   But if you want to meet with, interact with, share with, and sell to 5,000+ SaaS and Cloud CEOs (out of 15,000 attendees), SaaStr Annual is the place.

Let’s take a deeper look:

1.  Every Functional Area is Actually Pretty Well Represented.

CEOs represent 35% of the attendees, which is actually kind of stunning.  I didn’t even think there were this many SaaS CEOs when we started doing meet-ups in 2014 and the first Annual in 2015!

But while 35% of attendees are CEOs, 29% are in Sales+Marketing+Customer Success.  So if you want to meet leaders in those areas (especially VPs), come to Annual.

Product and Engineering represent 14% of annual attendees, so Annual is also an excellent way to meet thousands of top leaders in Cloud technology roles.

So if you think of SaaS as “just for founders” — which alone would be awesome — think bigger.

A big reason for this is how many teams come to Annual together.

2.  Folks at Every ARR.

While mathematically there almost have to be more founders at say $1m ARR than $100m ARRm, the diversity of stage of attendee is likely a bit different than many expect.

1,500+ founders and execs attending are at $40m+ ARR, and 20%+ are from $10m ARR to $100m ARR.

89% are at $1.5m-$100m+ ARR, and relatively few are very early stage.

3.  The Average CEO Attending in 37.

This is more just of casual interest, but segmenting the CEOs, the average age is 37.

We’re all just getting going, really.

4.  53% of Speakers Are Women, But A Lot More Work To Do On Inclusion and Diversity, Especially on Attendees.

For our 4th year in a row, the majority of speakers are women, and 60%+ are women and underrepresented speakers.

But our progress with attendees has been slower.  We’ve worked hard on this, including providing over 1,000 no cost passes as part of our Equality Program.  But we expect to just cross 30% women attendees by Game Day, and are only at 27% now.  A lot more to do here.

Please help us as much as you can and invite your top peers in SaaS and Cloud to apply to our Equality Program.  Or just drag them to come.

5.  52% of Attendees Are From the C-Suite

SaaStr Annual certainly trends to the top of the org chart.  52% of from the C-Suite, and the vast majority are C-level officers or SVPs and VPs:

6.  51% of Attendees Are From Outside U.S.

SaaStr Annual attendees are split about 50/50 from the U.S. and from outside of it.  Annual clearly is a destination event for SaaS leaders from all across the world.  And interestingly, even with 3,000+ folks on track for 2020 SaaStrEuropa.com, our European attendance hasn’t dropped.

If you want to meet CEOs and founders from all across the world — be at Annual!!




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