We have several different mentoring opportunities at SaaStr Annual 2020 this year and at our events year round, but whether this is your first event or a superfan, here’s a rundown of all the best mentoring opportunities to make the most of your time at Annual this year. Take a look at some of our highlights before March 10-12th.


What are they? Braindates are 30-40 minute long small group mentoring sessions. These sessions are one-on-one or one-on-four group settings in which attendees are seeking personalized advise in small groups. Anyone can sign up to host one! Just submit a topic and wait for attendees to arrive. Feeling like hosting it’s too big a jump for your first time? Join a braindate instead as a participant. We’ve also started doing a one-on-twelve group mentorship since SaaStr Europa due to their popularity. These braindates are in slightly larger group mentoring sessions and are assigned by the SaaStr content team.

Where are they? Braindates will be hosted in the braindate lounge in the Expo Hall. Check-in at the desk and take it away from there!

Pro tip: The braindates are integrated into the SaaStr Annual app. If you haven’t downloaded it quite yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to download the app before we launch!



What are they? Brella suggests people you should meet that align with your interests. The app will use an algorithm to matchmake you with other attendees you should meet. If you’re looking for your next job or just some friendly advice, this is the way to go. Brellas are one-on-one networking opportunities that we are bringing back this year for SaaStr Annual 2020. The app will feature a detailed profile, interests to help match you and send meeting requests so you can meet on site at Annual.

Where are they? Brellas will be taking place next to the recruiting fair in the Parkway, just a few steps away from SaaStr Square Park. The recruiting fair will have everything from our Tips and Tricks wall to a headshot booth. Right next to it…Brella! Network with fellow attendees and make the most out of your three days onsite.



What are they? Workshops are 30-40 minute long sessions where attendees can develop or learn new skills. A typical workshop is broken up into a presentation portion as well as a group discussion or interactive portion. In the past PlatoHQ has partnered with us to bring together leaders in product and engineering, hosting small group, hands-on sessions. This year we’ve grown this presence, partnering with companies like Greenhouse, Atrium, Women in Revenue, and more to bring you a variety of different workshops to attend.

Where are they? Workshops have gotten so popular we’re hosting them in the adjoining Marriott. The landbridge straight across the Executive Ballroom will lead you right there. Not only will there be amazing content, we will also be serving some of our lunch and beverage options there all three days.

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