Q:  Why do customers hate salespeople?


A truly great salesperson is a resource. They help you:

  • They educate you on the product.
  • They honestly answer your questions.
  • They address your concerns, seemingly patiently.
  • They help you pilot / test the product first, in a way that drives things forward without too much pressure.
  • They push the learn, buy, deploy process along, but don’t pressure you to buy if you aren’t ready.
  • They ensure you get a fair price.

The best sales reps, well they are your agent. They help you make a buying decision. And yes, it benefits them. But they provide so much value during the process, you are appreciative.

Now …

How often have you felt that way?

Not that often. When sales incentives and training aren’t aligned to deliver the value above, it’s just … uncomfortable. And low value-add.

But the best sales execs in SaaS make you feel that way.

And that’s why enterprise buyers are happy to “talk to sales”. They’re looking for this sort of help.

A bit more here: The Best Sales Reps Get Customers to Buy. Even When They Don’t Need to Right Now. | SaaStr

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