Why is Salesforce better than Zoho CRM?

Here is why:

Salesforce is better than Zoho CRM, or really any other CRM, if that’s what your sales leadership and team is used to and wants to use.

For a very small business, Salesforce is really overkill. Products like Pipedrive and Zoho CRM are just so much easier to start using.

But … once you hire VPs, you have to let them the tools them know and trust. You have to let them pick their team. And that includes their core apps.

In scaling SaaS, you are going to find 95%+ of your VP of Sales candidates use, trust and rely on Salesforce.

Let them use it.

Even if you’d pick something else.

Same with Marketing. You’d prefer Intercom or Hubspot, but they want to use Marketo? Go with Marketo. Let your VP of Marketing, Product, Eng, CS, and Sales use the core tools they know and trust.

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