Will using a Windows PC as opposed to a Mac in a pitch in Silicon Valley disadvantage me?


I do think it’s a negative — unless your background is in sales.  It certainly is for me.  Not a gating item or even a flag … but an “off” signal.

Signaling does matter:

  • Founders that care about design and user experience always have a Mac.
  • Founders that code often have a Mac.
  • Founders that build product always have a Mac.
  • Founders that work in an Airplay environment always have a Mac.

Ok what’s left?

  • That Business Guy that’s never really built software — but can sell.  He doesn’t care.  And usually he prefers Windows at the margin.  Because his customers use Windows.  He prefers to demo, and live in, the environment of his customers.  This is 100% logical and the right choice.

Sales is incredibly important.  VP Sales that become SaaS CEOs can just kill it. And I worry if they have a Mac if it’s B2B sales.  But these guys usually can’t really start something in a lean way, and not as often from scratch.  So if you’re raised $10m+, a proven CEO from a Sales background … I think Windows is great.  It’s right.  Today.  But if you’re a first time CEO doing things on a lean budget … it’s worrisome.

Having said that, too many affectations in a SaaS founder pitch are also a negative.  A Macbook plus a Chrome messenger bag plus an Apple Watch plus designer jeans plus “the hair”?  Just too much at < $2m ARR or so.  I’m probably out.


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