So are we coming off the “lows” in SaaS and Cloud?  Are times now at least a smidge easier and better than the tougher times of 2H’22 and 1H’23?

Maybe.  Some data does say Yes.

First, the public markets seem to think so, that things are better now than at the start of the year. 

Top SaaS and Cloud stocks have quietly been on a mini-tear since the start of the year, up a stunning 30%:

Second, you seem to think so.  In our  recent SaaStr survey, 69% of you thought demand was picking up — at least a smidge.  At least a little:

A quarter of you thought demand was clearly picking up, and 45% of you thought demand was picking up a smidge.  This is what I’m seeing too, across my portfolio and companies I know well.  For some, things are still tough.  For a few, things are better than ever.  But for those that have something, for those with a solid SaaS business, in many cases things are a bit better.  A bit easier, a bit more demand than Jan 1.  Not 2021 easy.  But a bit less hard.

Third, a few public companies are already seeing it. MongoDB has seen a bit of a rebound already.

Others clearly haven’t, though. E.g., Okta says they’ve seen no bounce back.

We’re never going back to the crazy times of 2021.  But we’re now lapping a tough year, a tough 12 months ago, for many.  Simply lapping a tough year should make things a smidge easier.

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