Looking for a job?

I know it can be tough out there, but let me share one suggestion — please, please actually research the role you are applying for.

And actually come up with a genuine idea or two on how you’d crush it there.

I’ve interviewed several COO candidates recently, a bunch of CROs, and other leaders who never did >any< real research on the companies they were interviewing with. Even when I was the 5th or 6th interview at the company (as an investor) (!!).

Many had no idea what the company’s ACV was, or why its customer bought, or even what their GTM motion was.

In fact, most didn’t know much of what was on the homepage of the companies’ websites and/or could be learned in just watching the 20-minute Explainer video on their YouTube.

The fact we now interview over Zoom vs. IRL has lowered the effort almost everyone puts in to job interviews.

I get it.

It also makes it incredibly easy to stand out from the folks that do no research.

Spend 30-60 minutes before any interview really, really learning what they do cold. And coming up with 1 or 2 ideas of a few things they could do any better.

You’ll be in the Top 5% of candidates if you do.

(pick brain image from here)

How to Truly Stand Out in Any Job Interview, from SDR to COO

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