With folks finishing up their marketing budgets for 2023 — why should SaaStr be part of it?

  1. SaaStr Annual 2023 in September will be huge!  SaaStr Annual 2022 was the biggest ever, and our highest NPS event ever.  2023 is already tracking to be 30%+ bigger or more!
  2. SaaStr Europa 2023 comes to London to June!  Our fourth SaaStr Europa is coming in June and will definitely be the biggest ever.  Barcelona in 2022 was amazing, and bigger than the prior 2 Paris events.  We’re expecting upwards of 4,000 in London, the biggest center for SaaS in Europe.
  3. Our newsletters now reach almost 200,000 Cloud professionals — 40% more than last year.  Our newsletters (Weekly, Daily, Insider) now reach 40% more than they did 12 months ago, but the price hasn’t gone up … yet!  That’s a heck of a bargain.
  4. Our podcast is #1 in SaaS.  Reach over 100,000 Cloud professionals on our podcast.  Honestly, this is a gem.  How else can you get so many folks in SaaS to hear your pitch?  A gem.
  5. Our sponsor expos are really, really good.  We don’t hide the expo in some corner of our events.  We not only put the expo dead center, but we make it tons of fun.  With a huge Cantina front-and-center, drawing folks in all day and night.  With 4 stages inside the expo — and the 2 largest stages attached to it.  And even a secret Speakeasy and a NoPool. You simply can’t get more traffic than you get at a SaaStr event.
  6. Our digital events have a really long tail.  Sponsor a digital event, and your session will be promoted to 10,000+ all year long.  Make it really good, and it will earn even more promotion.  No one-offs.
  7. Our partner execs know how to tailor a package to meet your needs.  We know what works to meet a variety of goals, from awareness to brand to lead gen.  Talk to us!
  8. SIgn up for 2023 (or even longer!) in 2022 to fight inflation!  Everything has to go up 10% in 2023, as we haven’t raised prices in 2 years.  But sponsor now, even for 2023, and lock in today’s rates!
  9. We’re constantly innovating.  We’re adding Workshop Wednesdays, our first SaaStr APAC, CEO-VP matching, and so much more!  There are always exciting new products and ways to learn coming from SaaStr.
  10. You’re part of a community.  A really special one.  Sponsorships are about ROI.  But SaaStr delivers not just that, but more.  We’re the largest community of B2B execs.  We care.  We give back.  Partner with SaaStr, and you’re part of something more.  It’s a great place to be.

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