With 25,000+ attendees to our digital events so far this year, and most of our digital assets (podcast, newsletter, etc) under heavy demand during Shelter, we’ve been putting together a weekly update to our partners and sponsors.

Want to learn more about how to connect with 1000s of Cloud CEOs and execs?  Here’s a look back from our sponsor webinar on Friday, June 12.  All about 2020 SaaStr digital events and digital assets.

Here’s what we covered:

  • The updated 2020 SaaStr digital events calendar
  • Events content, audience, and formats
  • The numbers: audience size & demographics, global brand awareness, leads
  • The digital event experience: what to expect and how to maximize your participation
  • Your questions!

Since digital events are what everyone is doing right now, our goal is to help you do them better.

Team SaaStr

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