You may be just recovering from Dreamforce or WebSummit today.  Take a break, relax, get that Convention Smell out of your clothes.

But after you’ve rested up, we need 100% of your attention on The SaaStr Annual.  We’re just 87 days out!

We’ll have 200+ sessions from the best up-and-coming CEOs, VPs of Sales, Product, Marketing, Engineering and Customer Success, and so much more.  As well as 50+ sessions where the VCs pitch you!

We’ll also have our fair share of unicorns.  Now SaaStr isn’t all about $1b+ SaaS companies — even though we now have almost 30 (!) of them!  But having the best CEO and unicorn founders on stage, sharing how they got here and the mistakes they made, is always a special experience when done right.

Here are 10 of the 20+ unicorns coming to speak — and meet with you — in February 2018 at the Annual:

  • CEO of MongoDB, Dev Ittycheria.  Hot off one of the most successful B2B IPOs of the year, we’ll learn what it really takes to win against both Oracle and well established open source competitors.  How do you win in that situation?  How did Mongo really break through?  How do you close big deals, but also keep the long tail happy?  We’ll learn!
  • CEO of BlackLine, Therese Tucker.  The session I am most looking forward to.  Therese went through an amazing story taking BlackLine through its IPO last year.  It wasn’t easy, and she persevered through some incredible times.  She’ll share in particular her thoughts on building more inclusive companies.

  • CEO of Atlassian, Mike Cannon-Brookes with CEO of Trello, Michael Pryor.  Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello was one of our most popular speakers last year, so we’ve brought him back to do a 1-on-1 with his new boss :), the co-CEO of Atlassian.  Atlassian is a “hero story” for all of us founders, and I think having Michael and Mike do an unscripted conversation will be one of the most unique ways to learn.
  • CEO of Qualtrics, Ryan Smith.  You will love this session.  Ryan bootstrapped the company from his father’s basement, and never took a nickel of primary capital on the way to a $2.5b valuation.  For bootstrappers going big, and really all of us, the lessons here will be special.
  • CEO of Guidewire, Marcus Ryu.  Guidewire may be the most successful public B2B company ($5b+ market cap) you don’t know that much about.  We’ll fix that.  He co-founded in the company way back in 2001, so it’s been quite a journey.  He’ll share the challenges and learnings together with his old colleague, Ajay Agarwal of Bain Capital.
  • President of Medallia, Amy Pressman.  Amy was kind enough to join us for our SaaStr Summer Social and her amazing stories of dragging a barely-funded startup into big enterprise deals inspired everyone.  We asked her to tell it on a bigger stage, and we’ll do a deeper dive here on how to really, honestly sell to the enterprise.
  • CEO of Box, Aaron Levie + (ret.) SVP of Box, Karen Appleton Page.  Much like the Atlassian-Trello session, this one will be special with two colleagues sharing their joint learnings.  Karen was a single-digit employee at Box and served in SVP and senior roles with Aaron for a decade.  How do you break through, and break out, at this stage?  What got them through it?  This will be a great one.
  • CEO of Basecamp, Jason Fried.  Does every company have to raise billions?  Is there another, and profitable, way?  There is!  We’ll hear from Jason Fried, CEO Basecamp.  You use it, you know it, you love it!
  • CEO of AppDynamics/Harness, Jyoti Bansal.  Jyoti joined us last year right after Cisco bought AppDynamics for $3.7 billion.  We’ll hear a very different story this year — the Top 10 Things He’s Doing Even Better This Time with his last companies.  Jyoti is an amazing writer and student of scaling B2B models and hearing what he’s going to do even better this time will be very inspirational, and insightful.
  • CPO of Hubspot Katie Burke + CTO & Co-Founder of Hubspot Dharmesh Shah.  Dharmesh is always incredibly well-received, and he’s joining Chief People Officer Katie Burke to help us learn how to scale a low attrition, more inclusive culture.  This is job #1 for most of us these days and it should be a very insightful, behind-the-scenes and honest discussion.

There are more … much more … we’ll follow up with a second post.  But hopefully these sessions give you a sense.

PLEASE COME!  We want you there in February!  Click here to get your SaaStr Annual tickets today!


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