Q: What did you give to your first customer of your business?

Everything I could.

  • I did 24×7 support myself. I slept with a laptop next to my bed so I could answer tickets from 11am-7am (until the team could take over).
  • I trained their first 200 users myself. That way, I knew it went well.
  • I closed every lead they referred me myself. And they gave me some great ones for other enterprise customers. I made sure those referrals, they’d get to talk to the CEO, and any promises would be met.
  • I put my top “business person” generalist on their account.  So they had someone A+ smart to also help on any concerns.  I.e., I way overindexed on customer success.
  • I showed up anywhere and everywhere I was asked. I was always present.

What I didn’t do:

  • I didn’t give a crazy discount. I gave a decent one to start, but then in 2 years, we matched current pricing.

If you give too crazy a discount, even to a very early customer — it’s not real.

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