Recently, Fortune published a piece that a depressing 2.2% of VC Dollars in 2018 went to Female Founders.

Having more diverse VCs may only be a partial solution, but it can only help here.

Each year, our VC Day presentations from VCs are the single most popular sessions we do, relative to capacity.

This year, we are proud to have 68% women VC presenters and speakers, including:

  • Megan Quinn, Spark Capital
  • Brittany Skoda, Workday Ventures
  • Cindy Padnos, Illuminate Ventures
  • Lax Xuezhao, Basis Set Ventures
  • Laura Bilazarian, SaaStr Fund
  • Whitney Sales, Acceleprise
  • Jess Lee, Sequoia
  • Jessica Rovello, Arkadium
  • Joanne Yuan, Turn/River Capital
  • Anne Dwane, Village Global
  • Brianne Kimmel, Angel
  • Adrienne Harris, Angel
  • Nina Achadjian, Index Ventures
  • Stacey Bishop, Scale Ventures
  • Kate Hopkins, Mainsail Partners
  • Naomi Ionita, Menlo Ventures
  • Gene Teare, Crunchbase
  • Roseanne Wincek, IVP
  • Jocelyn Goldfein, Zetta Venture Partners
  • Joanne Chen, Foundation Capital
  • Sarah Guo, Greylock
  • Megan Holstein-Alexander, Unusual Ventures
  • Jessica Lin, Work-Bench
  • and many more!

We also have many more women and multicultural VCs doing braindates and mentoring.

Thank you coming and sharing.

See you Feb 5.6.7 at 2019 Annual.

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