So the recent survey we did above took me a bit by surprise.  Since the earliest days of SaaStr, we’ve pushed founders to do more outbound, earlier.  We’ve pushed the point that outbound — done right — always works.  Done poorly, it often just ends up a bunch of expensive spam, however.

And it does seem like with times a bit tougher for many, dialing up outbound could be the answer.  I just wasn’t expecting quite such a strong Yes to that question.

Do the world’s most compelling pitch to a potential buyer.  Make it amazing.  Take your time.  Make it a pitch so compelling, you’d buy the product yourself.  Don’t just do a lame coffee ask, or a lame generic cadence.

Do a pitch that will truly make the correct prospect’s life easier.  And watch if a few percent of them don’t at least open it.

And look at the prior survey below.  If you aren’t doing outbound, you’re probably leaving from 10%-50% of the revenue you could be getting behind.

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