The 8 Signs of a Failing Sales Rep

Q: Dear SaaStr: What screams “I’m a terrible salesperson”?

A few telltale signs:
  • Immediate, massive discounting. Because they have no other idea how to close a deal or create urgency.
  • Doesn’t understand the product. Way too many AEs don’t even really understand, let alone use, the product they are selling.
  • Fear of the competition. This is different than respect. The best salespeople respect the competition, and see it as a game to beat them. Even sometimes where maybe they’d otherwise lose.
  • Blames others. They blame marketing, or the leads, or the lack of support. It’s usually all true, but still.
  • No updates or the exact same updates again and again. A terrible or even mediocre salesperson just plain has no updates to share.
  • Bad mouths their boss. This accomplishes nothing. It’s really another type of excuse.
  • Doesn’t know. A bad salesperson doesn’t know who their key buyer is in a big deal. Or who the other stakeholders are. Or how far along the deal is. Or if or when it will close.
  • Doesn’t believe. It’s really hard to sell a product you don’t believe in. Sales is hard enough as it is.

Now let’s dig into the 9 things the best reps do here:

The 9 Qualities of a Great Sales Rep

Published on September 14, 2021

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