A Sequoia venture partner invited me for a dinner. Is this early for me?




You’re interesting, and potentially special — and so she’s trying to build relationships. You’re not the only one this VC has invited to a dinner.

VCs can seem like a weird breed, some sort of weird class of humans with special access to secret capital and secret handshakes. Some of this is true. But mostly, they are salespeople with a checkbook.

They are hunting for deals.

This VC thinks there is some small chance you might create a deal for her in the next 1–100 months.

It is a compliment — no doubt.

Take the dinner.

Share your dreams and vision. It’s 100% OK if you don’t even yet have an idea for your next start-up. VCs are on the hunt for potential deals for 2018, 2019, and 2020, too. They have to be.

Build the relationship now. VCs build relationships over breakfasts and dinners. It’s how they do it.

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Published on April 19, 2017
  • Paul Azous

    I tend to go on a jog or a walk first and then dinner. Best to get to know someone over sweating first, to see how they react.
    Paul Azous, CEO

    • ras marek

      utterly amazing advice. thank you!

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