So there’s a strategy I really only see a handful of vendors using, but it really, really works IMHO.  It’s to turn your drip campaigns to prospects into an incredible weekly set of industry-leading content.

Drip-marketing is part of almost every start-up’s toolkit now, but it’s often just become an endless automated set of offers and product reminders.

And yes, do this.  It’s often said only 10% of your prospects are really in market now, and ready to buy today, and that sounds right.  Guillaume “G”Cabane of HyperGrowth Partners, ex-VPM at Drift, Segment and Gorgias ran the actually numbers and found something similar.  And that you can’t push it.  You can’t force prospects to buy faster.

More on that deep dive here:

So the question becomes, as you build your list and your database of prospects … if only 10% are really ready to buy now … how best to communicate with them until they are ready?

Yes, your sales team will follow up 1-on-1, hopefully.  Hopefully.  And hopefully it won’t be with dumb break-up emails and the like.

But marketing often views drip-marketing as an important but fairly mechanical effort.  If nothing else, I strongly recommend doing a live webinar each week for prospects, and using your drip marketing to invite them to it.  Make each webinar new and valuable, and do it every week at the same time, and you’ll be surprised how many high-value prospects show up.  More on that here:

Webinars Almost Always Work. If You Really Commit. (Updated)

The weekly webinar is great, and do that.  Most don’t even do that in their longer-term marketing to prospects.

But what’s next level is a series of weekly content that is next level.  That truly adds value.  Where you see 40%+ open rates, when the prospects truly learn each week.

Think about writing one each week.  Yes, it’s work, and yes you don’t have time.  And no, you can’t outsource it.

But the vendors where I get these once-a-week emails with insane value, where I truly learn.  I open at least 50% of them.  And I”m bonded to those vendors through that epic weekly content.  In a way where I’d just forget about them, and perhaps move on to a competitor, otherwise.

Don’t save all your best content and content marketing to acquire your prospects.  That’s part of the error.  

Save just as much of it for folks that you have on your list, that are interested.  Just not interested … right now.

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