There are many ways to slice-and-dice public market data, but the one Bessemer called out is the most visceral I’ve seen:

Public SaaS and Cloud companies lost $1 Trillion in market cap so far in 2022.

And the number of public SaaS and Cloud decacorns has fallen from 50 to 17.  This puts a lot of pressure on all the private unicorns out there:

We did a deeper dive on decacorns here.

At the same time, the leaders in Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) are growing a stunning 40%.  Growing at a pace and scale like we’ve never seen before:

That’s got to be the most visceral juxtaposition in my time in SaaS.  Cloud leaders lose $1 Trillion in market cap, at least for now … in the Best of Times for SaaS and Cloud.

Strange Days, Indeed.

Some SaaS Stocks Are Actually Still Doing Pretty Darn Well. E.g, Sprout Social, ZoomInfo, Zscaler, etc.

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